Cristiano Torre Engineering, designing, construction and installing of equipment for agri-food and tobacco industry. We offer to the clients a wide variety of innovative and custom designed solutions. 25 years of experience during which the clients’ needs and the attention to details have been our modus operandi, they made us a world-class reality that can claim machines and equipment in numerous countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.


Preliminay study, designing, construction and installing, putting into service and after-sales service: we take care of alla aspects in order to provide perfect products in every detail.


Wide variety of products that range from storage to pneumatic conveying, from ricycling to dosage and that will satisfy the client needs thanks to the possibility to realize costumed projects.



Capillary providers network allows us to offer the best options available on the market. Long lasting partnerships assure quality and flexible solutions.


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