Dosage Plants

The dosing phase represents a fundamental facet ad for the system management. Cristiano Torre Engineering has developed different solutions in order to satisfy the client’s performance needs always taking into account what are the layout features of the plant. Our plants can be composed by: loading stations of different nature, weighing and dosing systems, pneumatic transport and eventual conveyors of various kinds.

Our plants, by means countless combinations, allow the realization of original and tailored plants properly designed in order to respond to the functional and layout needs of the single client.


● Bags-emptying stations: stations fitted with upper hatch and dedusting system, properly designed to facilitate the emptying of the bags of different food flours/powders by the operator.

● Big-bags emptying stations: stations designed for big weigh big-bags. A hoist allows the lifting of the big-bag, a percussion system eases the emptying while the dedusting system prevents the dust lifting.

● In addition to the above-mentioned options, are available other solution fitted with load cells, filters or flat bottom doser incorporated.


Our dosing screws, suitably dimensioned in order to guarantee a given dosing precision, represent the optimal solution for flour products. Moreover, can be equipped with additional screws for high precision and lump-breaker devices. Within the dosing plant, dosing screws discharge the product in the weighing stations.

For insights: SCREWS


The system is composed by:

● one weighed hopper, placed on a load-cells’ system and insulated from the structure in order to guarantee the correct weigh measurement;

● one transition hopper;

● one expedition hopper directly mounted on the rotary valve;

● one injector needed for the weighed products’ inserting in the pneumatic transport.

The weighing system, placed underneath the dosing screws, by means load-cells, will weigh the product end will send to the screw a stop signal once reached the wanted quantity. Once made up the batch of product, the weighing station, through a rotary valve will discharge the weighed product inside the pneumatic transport.

In case the pneumatic transport was in depression, the weighing systems can be equipped with a decompression system made up by a cyclofilter capable of avoiding a pouders’ reflux inside the expedition hopper.



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