Dosing Screws


DOSAGE: Thought for the dosage of flaky product, easily compactable as well. The machines are available in painted carbon steel or in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316. Paintings are certified for the contact with the food. The precision is guaranteed not least to the ± 60 % of the conveyed product by one turn of the extracting screw. 

EXTRACTION AND DISCHARGE: Feeding hopper fitted with side inspection hatch for cleaning. Transporting flanged tube available with side inspection hatches for periodical inner cleaning. Discharge provided of butterfly valve leads by electro-pneumatic actuator. Extraction and conveying spire with progressive tread. Shape, diameter and tread determined according to the nature of the conveyed product and the quantity to dosage. Double spire at the discharge in order to minimize the pulsing effect and improve the dosing precision.

Terminal support thought in order to avoid any leakages into the screw; the insulating is guaranteed by sealing ring for rotating shafts UNI9825. For longer length of 3 meters, the machine is fitted of intermediate supports realized with food-grade self-lubricating material. The intermediate supports are reachable through an inspection hatch. Leads by a first-class gearmotor lubricate by good-grade oil. The motorization is usually directed with the interposition of a self-aligning joint. On-demand is available separated motorization fitted with chain transmission and auto-tensioning system.


By means the reduced encumbrance of the charging and discharging zones and the great flexibility in term of flow rate, the crews represent an optimal solution of the field of flaky products transportation along short to medium length path, notably sloping as well. Are usually used as solutions at the outlet of silos having reduced placing flexibility.


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