Other Extraction Devices


A device that by means a percussion generated by 4 cylinders on the side surfaces of the big bags, ease the outflow and so the discharging of the product towards the hopper.


Drown up especially for flaky materials that, in the discharging phase along the unloading hopper towards dosing screws, tend to create the so-called “lumps”. They are compacted product batches that go to block, partially or completely, the passage through the hopper.

CRISTIANO TORRE Engineering is able to provide lump-breaker devices the prevent and delete the compacted product batches. The spurs coupled to the shaft, thanks to the rotating motions, will hit the lumps maintaining a homogeneous composition.


Installed externally to the hopper, are electro-pneumatical hammers that, rhythmically, carry out a percussion on the side surface of the hopper preventing the formation of compacted product on the walls and facilitating the discharging. The hammer size is determined according to the product features.


Devices specially made to create a compressed air meatus on the inner surface of the hopper in order to prevent the product adhesion to the walls. This solution is usually employed on treating of slightly sloping materials.


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