Vibrating Bottoms

CONSTRUCTION: Made of carbon steel with epoxy finish or entirely stainless steel made. Extremely sturdy execution with a high number of components obtained by die forming to reduce risks from welds cracking.

INTERNAL COUNTER-CONE: Available with a convex or conical shape. Adjustable height to be adapted for the different products particle size.

SEALING GASKET: It seals the gap between the bin cone and the vibrating part with no retention points and/or product stagnation. Sealing built from a process of extrusion and heat-sealing; withstanding temperatures from -20°C to +100°C and fully certified for contact with foodstuffs. The sealing is already drilled and therefore easily replaceable in case of damage.

ELASTIC SUSPENSIONS: Mounted with an adequate number can bear an elastic strain equal to 5 tons. The elastic strain is restricted and identified, which avoid the complete distension of the sealing gasket and its damage.

MOTOR VIBRATORS: Mounted on a support widely sized and stiffened. Adjustable unbalanced mass on a graduated scale. Insulation class F. Protection IP 65.  Atex on request.


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