Belt Conveyors


Modular conception. The machine is completely modular and characterized by a simple structure which allows it to be modified in the future to adapt its length and characteristics in accordance with changing requirements. Load bearing structure in stainless steel pressure bent sheet with superficial glazed finish or in carbon steel varnished dust dry.

Wide range of accessories available on request: removable or fixed lids; rotation control on transmission pulley; lower dust protection; clamping systems.For a reversible working, the belt has a special heat-sealed central profile which – placed in a cavity obtained on the sliding surface and on the pulleys – ensures perfect centering in both running directions.

Closed-ring high-quality welded belt with specific lid, suitable and certified for contact with the product to be transported. Stainless steel side panels with flexible end burrs for a perfect side seal. Non-stick disc  supporting  rollers on the belt’s return track to prevent depositing of material. Rollers are mounted on genuine ball bearings.

Tail with convex return pulley mounted on oscillating supports. Screw adjustment system of belt centering and tensioning. Control head with convex pulley mounted on oscillating supports. Control by means of VSF ratiomotor directly keyed to the shaft. Beltscraper with cleaning blade in high density Polyethylene ensures perfect cleaning of transport belt. Working pressure is regulated up to 2 x 15 daN by means of Rosta elastic elements.


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