Buckets Elevators

The bucket elevators, series EZC or EXC, are the result of experience gained by Cristiano Torre Engineering through the transporting of fragile and delicate loose products. More than 400 machines of this kind are used all over the world 24 hours a day. Construction in modular elements allows the machine to acquire the necessary configuration for the available space, as well as to modify its shape and function according to the evolution of the installation where it is to be used.  The machine is available in 14 models adaptable to different capacity requirements which carries up to 50 m3/h. The structure is in a stainless steel sheet or in carbon steel varnished dust dry.

The foot of the machine, only 400 mm high (EZC) or 600 mm high (EXC), is mounted on adjustable feet for levelling purposes and contains a bucket approach system for loading, obtained with a mechanical group which is entirely refined by power tools and, thanks to the precision of its manufacture, ensures complete reliability and silent functioning. The calibrated and pre-stretched ¾” transport chains are guided throughout their track by a special profile in non-toxic, self-lubricating material and their tension is ensured by a spring system that automatically recovers stretching. All the shafts, including those with angular transmissions, rotate on ball bearings.

The upper arm is provided with a fixed discharge or with various pneumatically controlled discharges. Discharge of the buckets occurs when they are rotated through 360°, which ensures the complete emptying of any product. Standard buckets are designed and composed by printed side panels in non-toxic ABS and base in stainless steel.  For specific requirements, bespoke manufactured buckets are available: entirely stainless steel; with base in nylon netting; with base either of punctured stainless steel sheet or Teflon non –stick.  


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