Vibrating Conveyors


OSCILLATING SUPPORTS: the oscillating body of the machine is installed on special knee elastic supports. Vibration is absorbed and sent back by inserts made of “Rubmix 10”, a type of elastomer in natural rubber that combines spring and shock absorber functions and provides notable advantages compared to traditional systems: Outstanding quite operating, no limits life and maintenance free with unchanging operating characteristics and up to 99,99% vibrations insulating thanks to its own natural frequency below 3 Hz.

DRIVING MOTOR VIBRATORS: The conveyor is provided with two motor vibrators with eccentric masses adjustable on a graded scale; IP 65 protection with encapsulation; spheroidal cast-iron body; ball bearings; terminal board made of insulated material provided with a kink preventing cable gland to protect outgoing cable; driving shaft in treated, alloyed and ground steel. ATEX version on request. Range of power from 0,04 up to 7,50 KW.

CONVEYING TROUGH: Built in a press bent stainless steel sheet, sized according to operating requirements. Up to 9 meters in length. Up to 900 mm in width.

TROUGH COVER: On request, the machine is supplied with closing trough covers easily removable thanks to clamps with special locking tools.


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