Pneumatic Transport

To transport powdery or granular materials it is used the pneumatic transport. Such system uses a compressor which put pressure or depression on a vector fluid – dry air – that push the material to be transported along the piping reaching flow rates even of 50 ton/h. The system is ideal for the transportation of materials for great distances both horizontally and vertically, going up and down. The product flows inside a small diameter tube with no limits on the number of bends and deviations or the possibility of designing circuits even in small or narrow spaces.

At the end of every transport cycle, the line remains clean without any residual product that could deteriorate. There is no contamination between different products in successive transport cycles. The circuit is entirely hermetic and air/product separation occurs thanks to self-cleaning hose filters which guarantee a dust-free environment and consequently avoids pollution. There are only a few concentrated points of maintenance. It is easy to plan maintenance and ensure usage of installations at a very high level of reliability.

Pneumatic transport is definitely the most flexible transportation system. Thanks to its structure it can be easily modified or widened, often with very short interruptions in production. The installation expands and is modified according to the company’s requirements.

Our pneumatic transport installations are designed with high-security levels. Considerable experience permits us to adapt the characteristics of the installation according to the product to be transported. Installations are manufactured using high quality and trusted materials and components.   


Line in aspiration for various products


Mixed operation line combining aspiration and pressure with an intermediate outlet and resumption


Line in pressure with multiple loading and destination points


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