Steam Aspiration System

System for heating and transfer of water towards preconditioner with steam aspiration from different kind of process machines. The steam recovering from process machines allows a substantial energy saving.

The system is fitted with the following devices


The water’s heating is operated by a steam injector and by a ”Venturi” ejector.

The steam injector heats and holds process water to a set temperature by direct injection of low-pressure steam. Useful to get rapidly the required temperature inside the tank after a stop of production when the water has cooled.

The “Venturi” ejector, exploiting the “Venturi effect”, enables the water’s heating by the injection of the steam from the process machines.


Machine equipped with two pumps enabling the circulation of the working fluid (water) and the sending of the heated water where necessary. Both the pumps are fitted with high-efficiency motors.


Cristiano Torre will care about the software creation according to the client’s needs, putting it in communication with the PLC and providing an electronic control panel. 

The touch panel allows management of all operating cycles and parameters, alarms and display of instantaneous flow rate.


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