Designed for storing in bulk those products that due to their nature, grain size or shape cannot be handled in a vertical bin or tank (tobacco, aromatic herbs, small cubes of desiccated fruit, fat flours, waste products, etc ..). It’s composed by a supporting framework with a steel section; stainless steel product containment panels; a bottom belt; one or more motor-driven winding shafts for flaking the stored layers at the outlet; a belt system running on tracks for a longitudinally and transversally balanced load.

The bottom belt is either made of a belt-cloth with non-toxic PVC coverage or a belt-track built from plastic material or entirely metallic. The capacity is adapted to user’s needs, with a maximum operating width of 2.800 mm. Loading operations are automatically driven by a control panel using a customized program. After a manufacturing process (i.e. tobacco after curing) the filling is made by horizontal layers for a «resting storage».

In between different manufacturing cycles (i.e. continuous manufacturing and packing) the filling follows the method of ‘looking for the first empty space’ creating a «safety buffer storage»; in this case the ‘first in – first out’  concept applies. The extraction and emptying speed is adjustable. The discharging winding shafts are built with different shapes to better fit product characteristics and guarantee a uniform product outflow without any mechanic damage to it.


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